About us

Jérôme Duberry is a researcher at the Dusan Sidjanski Centre of Excellence in European Studies, Global Studies Institute, University of Geneva. His research activities focus on the participation of civil society in policy-making processes, and more particularly on their use of digital technologies, including artificial intelligence. His research interests extend to the different forms of governance in Europe, and in particular the federalist project. Within the Global Studies Institute, he teaches the course entitled “Digital Technologies, Europe and International Relations” and contributes to the cross-curricular course on digital technologies. In 2019, Jérôme obtained a grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) to explore how artificial intelligence can contribute to citizen participation: http://p3.snf.ch/project-190509  Since 2020, Jérôme has been a member of the scientific board for the Think Tank Global Policy Insights. Jérôme holds a PhD in International Relations from the University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain).


Sabrya is a research assistant at the Dusan Sidjanski Center of Excellence in European Studies, GSI, University of Geneva. Her research activities focus on the role of artificial intelligence in liberal democracies. Sabrya graduated from the European Studies Master’s Program in Economics & Politics at the Global Studies Institute of the University of Geneva in 2019. Her Master thesis tackled the climate change and energy nexus and politics. She is actively involved in various associations such as Swiss Youth for Climate. She considers it meaningful to analyze the most demanding challenges of our time in the context of self-responsibility.